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Art and music

This well known Santana sleeve shows how art and music can sometimes come together even though both were created independently. The cover illustration was by German born (in 1932) artist Mati Klarwein. Mati studied and lived in Paris, then moved … Continue reading

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Housewives Playtime!

The Embassy record label is generally remembered as a Woolworths own brand, though they were produced and manufactured by Oriole Records (who later produced the Allegro label). Embassy releases were all exclusive to Woolworths, and presented a way for cash-strapped … Continue reading

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Nice twelve-incher

Most of Audioweb’s records have fairly minimal graphics, plain type over urban photography. I’m going to have to keep an eye open after this one turned up in a bargain bin last week. A promotional 12″, someone has come up … Continue reading

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Young Brit Art?

Les Reed set up Chapter One records, and wrote an enormous number of well known theme tunes, as well as the hits Delilah and It’s Not Unusual for Tom Jones. This ace Les Reed sleeve which I got at a … Continue reading

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German Polydor Logo design

Founded in Germany between the wars as the popular music arm of the long-established Deutsche Grammophon label, the Polydor label was introduced when contractural disputes over the Deutsche Grammophon name prevented them being sold outside Germany. With the arrival of … Continue reading

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Habitat vinyl cubes

Although much of our vinyl is stored on old Lundia shelving (some of which dates back to a couple of bays my father bought back in the late sixties), when we spotted these mysterious white cubes in a charity shop, … Continue reading

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Teac Spectrasound

Generally I try to stay away from collecting hardware, but this vintage tape deck really appealed to me when we spotted it in a retro store recently. That such stuff should be in antique shops is kind of strange, I … Continue reading

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Destroying vinyl

Bored with looking a great album sleeves? Then destroy them! Here are some tips from a green living site I wish I hadn’t stumbled across.  “Decorate your room with them. Most craft stores sell frames for record covers. If you … Continue reading