Top Of The Pops 11-20

Now and then our corporate ears start to glow at a pleasant bit of news, such as when the girls of a factory floor sent a message to the effect that they’ve pretty much stopped buying Singles, being now content to wait for each successive Hallmark LP.
And it was true; TOTP albums were starting to make the industry take notice, as people could buy a dozen potential hits for around 13s 11d. Several of the discs here went to Number 1 in the album charts. The cover girls also began to get a little more provocative as Hallmark gained confidence. So in 1970 the skirts got shorter and the poses were certainly less inhibited than before.
As 1971 came round, they risked all and went with the first glimpse of nudity initially with an open shirt (Vol 15) and then a see-through top (Vol 16) which, with the colours reflected in the cover titles, was one of the best sleeves to date. Vol 19 was the first to feature cover model Susan Shaw, who appeared on more of these albums than anyone else. The bullet belt on Vol 20 was a must have fashion accessory at the time too – Lemmy still wears one. Click here to see the next ten sleeves.

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2 Responses to Top Of The Pops 11-20

  1. helen says:

    Hi there I have Volume 11 and cannot find it for sale anywhere,I was wondering how much it is worth? Cheers!

    • simon robinson says:

      Bit of a difficult one Helen, find a collector wanting it badly and the price can climb, but in top condition, around £6?

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