Sheffield Records Shops – T – V

125 The Moor
9,10,11,17 Shambles Lane, Huddersfield.

The Sheffield shop was secondary to Taylor’s original shop in Huddersfield. A 1929 British Industries Fair Advert lists them at The Shambles as manufacturers of Gramophones and Gramophone Tone-arms, Sound-boxes, Needle-cups, Record-cleaners, Internal Horns, etc. Registered Trade-marks “Novaphonic” and “Novavox”. This area was redeveloped in 1970, and The Moor had been totally flattened in the 1960s.

Shambles Lane Huddersfield, The Moor Sheffield

Thomas & Co. M.J.
8 Middlewood Road
Specialists in Radio and television, Hoover, Meccano, Dinky Toys, Hornby Trains. Sounds like a great shop to have visited back in the 1950s! The building is still there, a strange low rise shop sandwiched between more imposing blocks, but has been much altered and is now an off-license.

M J Thomas Dinky Records Sheffield Middlewood road

Violet May
199 Duke Street
35 The Pavement (Sheffield & District Trades Directory 1949/50)
30 Broad Street (1965 Directory)
12 Matilda Street (1977 press advert)


Violet May Barkworth opened a second-hand shop on Duke Street after WW2, and eventually came to specialise in second hand albums and singles. Her last shop, at 12 Matilda Street just off The Moor in the city centre, was a mecca for collectors for over two decades. Such was the shop’s reputation and standing that a book about her life was published locally (with a forward by Richard Hawley). The shop – with records on two floors – is now a rather lacklustre branch of Forbidden Planet but remains much as it was structurally. I found the advert above in a copy of the local student magazine. Thanks to John Firminger for the bag scan below.

Violet May records sheffield

Virgin Records, Sheffield
137 The Moor (1973 – ?); High Street (1980s); Fargate (1980- closure)

Virgin Records sheffield bag
This was one of the second round of shops the chain opened, and brought a new record buying experience to the City. The original premises was in a then new-build concrete shopping parade right at the Southern end of the City centre. It was there for around 10 years before moving to a more central location with more space.  This High Street branch probably didn’t last very long, and when the chain opened or rebranded a number of shops as Megastores, Virgin moved again to a much larger shop with a big basement as part of a big redevelopment in the city centre.  This centre opened in 1987 and I think Virgin were one of the original tenants. There is a more detailed look at the Sheffield shop on the site.


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