Vinyl Demand, Sheffield

vinyl demand record shop sheffield spin city

Blink and you missed it! Vinyl Demand opened in Sheffield in March 2011 on Rockingham Street, in one of the last few blocks of Victorian steel workshops not to have yet been pulled down. As this site is also earmarked for a really massive shopping centre (one of the ugliest I’ve ever seen design wise) rents are cheap enough to enable people to take a risk. I’ve been in a couple of times, and thought the boxes look familiar – it turned out the owners – Andy and Pauline – used to run Spin City on Westfield Terrace before economics dictated a closure. They moved to a web based store but decided to try this almost pop-up shop approach last year. Spin City always had a display of local band’s singles across the years in their window which was a nice move.
I took some snaps of the new place, and have been a couple of times for a mooch, then discovered the other day as I went by that the shop had shut. BUT they’ve only moved, just down the road to yet another soon to be razed to the ground block – the old Grosvenor Hotel (a fine sixties building which deserves better) at Charter Square. They’ve taken their banner (seen in the photo) with them and were racking boxes of stock up when I was going past the other day and will be open by the time you read this (July 2012). It’s all vintage, albums and singles (they cater for Northern Soul collectors especially).
Its a shame the council doesn’t enable more retailers to contribute a bit of alternate life to the city by making retail space like this available on a permanent basis.

3 Responses to Vinyl Demand, Sheffield

  1. Andrew Plaxton says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your comments about the City Centre. Decent buildings are being demolished on the chance that Sevenstones will happen. I don’t think it will and all we’ll have is Car Parks and no small interesting shops/ workshops.
    The new shop is open and trading, it’s not as bijou as the old one but it’s lighter and the vinyl is more accessible.

    Andy (owner)

    • simon robinson says:

      Just to explain, Sevenstones is a lumbering giant of a city centre shopping development which has already seen dozens of old building razed, and more to go – including an entire block of a conservation area! The council have no imagination beyond the mantra of ‘regeneration at any price’ and roll over to please the developers, forgetting all the similar disasters foisted on the city since the 60s.

  2. Hi Andy.
    Hope you are keeping well in your retirement. I’m looking to get rid of my vinyl collection as we are intending to downsize in the near future. I’d be interested in your opinion on them and to know if you’re still active in the buying and selling records business.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes
    Phil Eastwood
    Tel: 01724 339316
    E mail:

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