Jack Kirby label

April 17th 2010 was promoted as Record Store Day by some labels and shops, led by Play It Again Sam records. A leaflet showing a bunch of new titles and profiling a bunch of shops was printed up. Support independent music retail was the message. See what you can find. Well I had a dig about in some second hand twelve inchers, and here’s a smart label which drew my attention for no other reason than it features a Jack Kirby-esque Thing brandishing a pencil… the 12″ is plain sleeved otherwise and the music is by Ghislain Poirier. I wouldn’t have stumbled across this shopping online! (Kirby being my all-time US favourite comic artist).

Designed by nonconceptual, issued by Chocolate Industries, America, 2004

2 Responses to Jack Kirby label

  1. B Smith says:

    Very much drawn in the style of (if not directly copied from) the late John Buscema would be my guess.

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