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Lego Record Store Day 2018

Lego has been part of my life for over many years, thanks to a forward looking Grandmother who bought me one of the very early sets, and it is heartening to see how the brand has weathered the vagaries of … Continue reading

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Vinyl vote in Barnsley

Exhibition • Barnsley / The Civic Gallery until Jan 20. 2018 (closed Sun/Mon) Album sleeve exhibitions of any sort are such a rarity that it’s hard to resist going a bit over the top about this one, but frankly if … Continue reading

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Pressing vinyl

I moan about The Guardian as much as any other longterm reader, but can’t see me going anywhere else. And not sure which other paper would publish a set of photographs documenting how a vinyl album is pressed. I think … Continue reading

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Crate washing

Prompted by a comment on the site, where someone was hunting for storage for singles… Just recently I had dug out several old wooden boxes from the back of the garage. These were made by drinks companies to transport small … Continue reading

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Columbia boxed

An interesting (well I thought so!) vintage Columbia records shipping box found recently. Will anyone be chasing down early Amazon shipping boxes in 80 years time?

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Letraset goes glam

Some very groovy Letraset pop star ephemera here. Who needed tattoos when you could decorate your body with Gary Glitter and Slade?

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Vinyl bookends anyone?

Just spotted in John Lewis (or Coles as us retro locals still stubbornly call it) from a company called Spinning; packs of record label ‘coasters’ and ‘book ends’. The coaster idea is not new, I remember seeing 78rpm labels cut … Continue reading

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Badge of cool

Remember how you used to carry vinyl albums around as a badge of cool? Digital technology now seems set to take this to the wire, by ditching the album and promoting the badge.These new devices carry an album embedded on … Continue reading

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all my own work

This vinyl sleeve has been put together for the Darker Than Blue label, an off-shoot of the Purple Records catalogue. I really didn’t want it to be just a clone of the old CD edition, so set about tracking down … Continue reading

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Leeds Fairs (plural)

As my Canadian friend Chris was staying over during September, a quick search for record fairs threw one up in Leeds on October 2. A further hunt revealed TWO fairs in the city on the same day, vinyl overkill! It’s … Continue reading

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