Edible albums

Beatles Liquorice boxAlthough 95% of material posted on ST33 is original from our own collection (rather than just recycled from other blogs), occasionally something comes along which makes me want to break that rule. This box of Beatles records is one. I spotted it some time ago offered for sale by a specialist Beatles dealer (for a three figure sum – even then they’re so fab if I was rich I would have been very tempted!).
They’re miniature “Long Eating Liquorice Records”, each housed in a cellophane wrapped inside a small waxy paper sleeve, with printed labels ‘stuck’ on somehow. There are four individual disc labels and one group images.
What made this item so astonishing was that they discs were still packed inside the cardboard outer box which would have been used for displaying them on a sweet shop counter back in the early sixties. It always fascinates me how something like this can survive for nearly fifty years untouched.
Beatles Liquorice album Clevedon ConfectioneryThe sweets were made in Blackpool by Cleveldon Confectionery, who are better known for sweet cigarettes (and the collectable cards which came in every pack) they sold in the fifties and sixties, but the box is marked up with the price 10 cents. As the back cover gives a US certified colouring note, they were most likely exported for sale in North America.

Edible records of one sort or another spanned the C20. A few hard chocolate 78 rpm discs were sold in the early 1900s. I have some Bubble Gum CD size ‘discs’ made of coloured gum, sold in clear CD cases in the 1990s (and yes I will scan them for the site when I find them).
Blondie Chu Bops bubble gum albumThere were some ‘collectable’ bubble gum “albums” in the early eighties, issued inside reproduction album sleeves just a couple of inches across. Issued under the name Chu Bops, there were sixteen in the first set (with a card display album to collect them all in!) and they sold well enough to last for another 8 sets. The picture here is of a Blondie title.
Amazingly, a Scottish band called Found issued a chocolate 7″ single in June 2011. They had a metal stamper made and used that to press the discs directly using a specialist bakery. 50 were given away as prizes on their web site. Now there’s a challenge for collectors!
chocolate 7" record

2 Responses to Edible albums

  1. Robert Lambert says:

    Yes, I have both.

  2. Drago Zetić says:

    Chocolate 7-inchers from the Nadalina company in Croatia deserve a mention.

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