Minster Records, Beverley

Minster-Records-BeverleyMinster Records was brought to my attention by a post on this site, so I’m grateful for the heads up. It’s not a shop you would find by chance, being just outside the main shopping area, but is only a couple of minutes walk away once you know where to look. And well worth a visit. I pass through the town fairly often as I visit my Aunt in Hull, so it makes a nice break.
Run by Simon Cawkwell, he says he always wanted to run a vinyl shop and although he lives in Hull, when this shop came available last year he figured to have a go. Beverley has both a tourist trade of sorts, being an attractive East Yorkshire town, and also local colleges, which seemed to account for the half dozen youngsters in there when we called by (and reminded me of my lunch hours at art college in Manchester, bunking off to check one of the many record shops out most days).
Minster-Records-BeverleySimon has done out the shop properly too, it is very clean and tidy, and the vinyl is well presented.  This new generation of vinyl shops really seem to be clued up to presentation unlike many of the older collectors places. The main room has the albums and there is a smaller backroom for 45s and some CDs.  The albums range from some very nice first pressing rarities on the wall to drool over, to more standard and affordable titles in the racks. I’d bought a couple of bits when I spotted a classy looking B&O music-centre under one of the stands.  Simon was getting shut of this for a local woman, and I thought it would make a really nice display piece. The cartridge was damaged and although it can be replaced, I’ll need some expert advice on that as it’s not a cheap part. Still for £20 the deck looks great cleaned up (Quite how the previous owner got the speakers to work with no fewer than five joins in the cable I’m not sure…)
Parking in the town is an effing nightmare and expensive, so hunt around.
The shop is open most days including some Sundays, but shut Thursday. If you’re traveling  some distance the best thing to do is call and check.
Details are on their website and there is also a Facebook page too.

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