Vinyl notebooks

Watch out, the fudge fairies* are after your vinyl!

I posted a while ago some images of a DIY fruit bowl project nicked off a craft site, which showed in graphic detail how to melt vinyl albums down. They’ve now come up with a new idea for destroying records. The rise of web sites which allow anyone to sell art and crafts (Etsy, Folksy, etc) seemed like a clever idea, but as they have no quality control systems, they’re quickly drowning in a sea of tat (maybe someone should register for the worst offenders). Which wouldn’t really matter except that some have now turned their attention to creating notebooks using second hand vinyl (the discs and sleeves). What next, album sleeve decoupage?

Any hobbyist with access to a wiro binding machine seems to be grabbing armfuls of old records and hacking them up in the name of craft. As always, the first examples were quite smartly done (check the Eagles notebook), but they’ve unleashed a flood of imitators. Let’s just hope they’re sticking to the worn out copies in charity stores and not plundering their partner’s collections when their backs are turned! Mind you if it’s Kiss and Adam Ant, perhaps they have a moral duty… So now I’m confused.

(* a term coined by comedian Jack Dee for the grim fudge stalls which seem to pop up no matter what event you go to at the weekend!)

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