7″ single bags • 2

Just two covers here as they king of belong together being fairly modern, and not many labels do 7″ bags any more.

1965 Records 7" bag

1965 Records • Although looking like an indie label, 1965 is part of SonyBMG. They used this generic bag for their first batch of 7″ singles in 2006, all printed on a rough card finish. Barcodes were added on stickers for easy removal. It’s a simple but effective design, put together by an agency called enterexit. The label still seems to be going.

TomLab Records 2007 alphabet series

Tomlab Records • A really smart bag design for this esoteric little label, part of their ‘alphabet series’, 30 singles, one for each letter of the alphabet (being German they insisted on having four extra to cover their accented letters as well). The bag stayed the same, the letters appeared on the label. Only 500 of each were made (dropping to 300 for the German letters), and at the end of the series (which began in 2004 and ended in 2011) you could also buy a nice sturdy box to put them all in! It’s a great concept and a neat looking bag, designed by Jan Lankisch at the label.  How anyone could give something this cool away to Oxfam beats me but their loss…
Tomlab alphabet series

Anyhow if you fancy the full box set (and who wouldn’t, even at 180euro) then scoot over to www.anost.net/Labels/Tomlab-Shop/
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