Top Of The Pops 1-10

This is a swinging, catchy, groovy disc that will set your fingers snapping and your feet tapping. It’s bouncy and breezy and bright. So grab this album, take it to a rave-up – and have a ball!
The paragraph above appeared on Vol 2. The writer of these words, one H. Jung, had every reason to sound pleased with him or herself as Vol 1 had sold enough to prove to Hallmark that the formula would work.
The cover girls on the first ten discs were a mixed bunch, though mercifully whoever was responsible for the cutting out of the poor woman on Vol 1 (she lost half her hair in the process) didn’t last long.
If there was a theme it was contemporary head-gear – hats, headbands and scarfs adorn the first six models. With Vol 7 the pulses quickened with a glimpse of a leather mini-skirt and on Vol 8 the first bikini – albeit a vaguely Christmassy affair made from white fur! Click here to see the next ten sleeves.

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