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Something a little bit different to kick off the new year – vinyl on stocking packets! Many fifties record sleeves featured glamourous women on the covers, here the manufacturers of stockings turn the tables and feature vinyl on their packet designs. Unsurprisingly a lot of stocking packets went for a more grown-up dreamy glamour look. These images are clearly aimed at a younger market but show how central to many teenagers’ lives records were. The Alicia packet uses actual album sleeves on the floor – Frank Sinatra and Elvis are two I recognise – but keep the glamour element firmly in place thanks to the central image of the petticoat clad woman sat amongst the records.
Bluebird use what seems to be a photo of a girl jiving (again in white stilletoes), treading carefully between singles strewn across the floor as she does so. The idea of leaving your albums all over the floor (collectors look away now) also appears on the Bondor packet, along with a record player and boyfriend choosing the next disc (thumbs all over the surface). The company even marketed the stockings under the Disc Dates name. The two colour printing looks very old-fashioned, and Bondor clearly felt the same as they later updated the design using an illustration instead. The last packet is probably a little older, again an illustration, and another reference to pop music in the product name, Top Ten Nylons.
The images here are from the easy on the eye stocking packet archive and were photographed through the plastic packets, hence the reflections.

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  1. These are great I particularly like the Disc Dates pack that’s a lovely bit of design

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