One of your five a day!

The things you find in Help The Aged! The charity has a dedicated book store in town, with a vinyl rack which turns over every few months. Don’t expect too many rarities there as dealers get stuff reserved before it makes the shop but for browsing fun it’s hard to beat as you never know what lurks there amongst the usual suspects (except you can almost guarantee there will be three copies of the same Gerry Rafferty album).

behind the scenes at US airport customs yesterday…

Anyhow this one had us burst out laughing when we came across it. The shop manager had it marked up at £4 which was borderline for a crazy sleeve, but I buckled and he knocked a pound off. “I knew someone would want it…”

I had a surf (the sleeve seemed to have no info) and found it to be from the Californian label Zod circa 2005, two acts – Hearts Of Darkness and Skip Found Teli – with a “fuck-all modus operandi with intricate programming of generated and sampled sound to create a visceral cinescape of vocals intelligible and otherwise” apparently.

Well bugger me (but not with a large pepper); as I was typing this the sunshine just caught the back cover and revealed titles and credits in a gloss varnish on top of the matt varnish. Expensive to produce, but neat!

2 Responses to One of your five a day!

  1. A.Guy says:

    I took that photo; he was a willing co-worker at my agency. Glad to see the record has made it to the hands of charity! If you had any interest in the music, there’s more kicking around these bandcamp sites:

    Cheers from Amurrka,
    SkipFoundTeli (aka DJ Paedofile)

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