Top Of The Pops 41-50

Leaving aside the rather ill-chosen laced top and ragged denim shorts on Vol 48, thankfully the rest of this batch of (mostly braless!) cover girls sport a more varied wardrobe than usual. Vol 49 being issued around December time has a vaguely seasonal touch courtesy of a red knitted scarf and hat, and the cover girl manages to make a top out of the former! We’ve got thigh-high rainbow coloured woollen socks (43), an unfeasably lowcut top (46) and no fewer than three t-shirts being stretched way beyond the maker’s care instructions. This all takes the series through to their fiftieth anniversary special edition which added four bonus tracks from years gone by and the biggest hair extensions of any of the cover girls! Click here to see the next ten sleeves.

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1 Response to Top Of The Pops 41-50

  1. This may just be one of the best slide shows ever fab stuff Simon

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