Jeavons, Newcastle

Jeavons Records Newcastle

JEAVONS RECORDS in Newcastle are fondly remembered on many forums discussing the history of the North East, but with precious little detail. They had two shops in the city, and two more not far away in Darlington and Wallsend by the 1960s. This was typical of a small local retail operation.

The main shop appears to have been the one on Percy Street, where they sold record players (later tape recorders, etc.), musical instruments and records. I don’t know where the Jeavons name comes from but apparently the C was Cyril Olaf-Monel. He started a business selling and maintaining Bell typewriters in the Bigg Market before WW2. Jeavons owned both shop fronts, but let one of the ground floor shops out. Originally they were in the arched window shop with a larger upper sales floor. By the 80s they had moved next door with the ground floor devoted to CDs, but kept the upper floor with vinyl, posters etc. There was landing level area with videos. The local history photo above shows the final shop on Percy Street in 1987, I like the piano keyboard motif on the fascia. The photo was taken during planning for the grim new shopping centre development which crashes across this part of the city.

C Jeavons, record shop, newcastle

This is a 10″ single sleeve from the shop and looks to be from the early 1950s. Quite why they went to the trouble of having the sleeves made then added the address using a rubber stamp I’m not sure!

I did post a later groovier sleeve from the sixties on the site some time ago and will add this below. I like the way it  wraps the J logo round the centre cut-out in some style. Apparently Bryan Ferry was a regular as a teenager.


This nice display advert for the shop comes from the local newspaper in the early Sixties.

Jeavons for Records, Newcastle

The British Record Shop archive has another sleeve variation (below) which probably fits in between the two above, with 1950s jazz imagery on. I shall have to keep an eye out for one of these. If you have any more information on the shop do please get in touch.

Jeavons records Newcastle