Exploding twelve inch

SONY DSCMany twelve inch single sleeves trying so hard to be cool that this one is a complete contrast to the normally very high design and production values. The label (S-S Records) have screen-printed (by hand) the cover image straight onto a plain white sleeve. It’s not a gimmick either, but is intended to reflect this Mexican band’s approach in other ways; apparently the tracks were recorded live straight onto a radio cassette player, and the single was mastered from that.
SONY DSCIssued in 2007 on indie label S-S Records (Sacramento California, they’re still thriving by the looks of it – but seem to be more of a mail-order operation for similar labels now), it turned up in a charity shop here recently. What the band may not know is that back in the early 1950s some major labels tried screenprinting on album sleeves – I have some Classical covers on Decca done this way – until printers mastered litho techniques on card.

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