In Vinyle Veritas

Patrick Betaille

276 pages • 155 Chroniques • 362 Artistes référencés • 245 Images • Format 24 cm x 16.5 cm • Reliure dos collé • Imprimé sur papier couché 1• 70 grammes • Couverture brillante 300 Gr • Poids 930 Gr • Prix TTC : 30 E

I normally only review books here I own but this looks worth a mention, as it is an interesting look at over 240 sleeves but from a European slant. The catch of course is that you need to be able to read French. However from the same pages Patrick sent there are quite a few sleeves I’ve never seen before, as well as some we will be more familiar with. THE MOST SUCCESSFUL INTELLECTUAL ENTERPRISE SINCE EMMANUEL KANT’S CRITIQUE OF PURE REASON… runs one review, so it looks like you will need a bit better grasp of the language than what we used to know as school French. The book “tells in an illustrated and argued way, the censorship of record covers in the history of popular music,” and Patrick shows original sleeves alongside the various editions record labels made to try and soften the original to get it through the doors of mainstream record retailers. We have touched on this on the site before, looking at the Roxy Music Country Life cover, but there are loads more examples here. You can see more sample pages on his website and contact him there for shipping rates outside France.

I have no publisher or ISBN information. Patrick’s site is good fun anyway, which is the reason I was there in the first place.