Ric’s, Calafell

Spanish record bag

This terrific bag turned up in a pile of 78s I was digging through. It’s a small thick paper carrier bag designed to hold 7″ singles, supplied to Spanish record stores who could then overprint their name and details. Belter Records began in 1955 as a folk and local music label, until they were restructured in the early 1960s. As this bag has their original name on I would suggest a date of around 1960. Calafell was probably a sleepy suburb of Costa Darada at the time, but has now been swallowed up by Spanish coastal ribbon development.  I presume some Brit holiday maker bought a few singles and carried them back home in this bag. Ric’s Records does not give their exact address, maybe it wasn’t needed in a small block of shops where everyone could find it.

There are some Spanish label souvenir bullfighting sleeves on the site.

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