Attic Records, York

Attic Records York

UPDATE : Attic closed after Record Store Day 2014

It would be nice to say I stumbled on Attic Records by accident, but with vinyl shops so thin on the ground these days it makes sense to do a little research on the web before visiting any town these days. A couple of studenty blogs mentioned this place so I scribbled the details down as we fancied a day out nosing around York.
It’s mosty for the book shops and general indie ambience these days. The place used to have the fabulous Track Records, and we dealt with Alan Bee there a lot as he used to like to be told details of upcoming titles in person and make sure they got stock. Sadly they went a few years ago now, as have a few others we used to try and visit. There is the over-priced Oxfam Book & Records of course, but not only are the prices as daft as ever, but the stock was rammed in so tight it was all getting ruined, so I gave up.
Anyhow having parked my partner in the queue at Betty’s, I went to find Attic Records, which would be quite hard to stumble across, as it’s up several flights of medieval stairs past a hairdressers! Just one room, but crammed with vinyl, and managing to find space somehow to stock something for everyone. There’s a couple of boxes of new and contemporary vinyl releases, and racks of second-hand and vintage vinyl, plus bargain boxes. A goth so tall he had to stoop to get in the door was negotiating for a Sisters Of Mercy poster when I was there. The store also acts as an outlet for local gig tickets, which is always a good way to get people through the door these days.
With time limited I stuck to the oldies and came away with a few bits and pieces, and also managed to blag a very used black disco bag which I’d been after to scan for a book project (ring wear is dreadful when you don’t want it, but finding a plain sleeve with loads of damage had proved difficult!). I’ve just noticed the I Love Y t-shirt in the photograph too – very smart!
Attic is run by Alex and Gaz and you’d best check out their website for opening times etc.
I got back to Betty’s with just a couple of places to go before we got a table…

Attic Records. 1 Patrick Pool. York YO1 8BB

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