Top Of The Pops 21-30

There seemed to be no stopping the series now. 
The cover images became a little more professional too, but alongside the models the basic layout of a simple border design with titles inside, plus the TOTP logo which had adorned Vol 1, remained the same. It was this generic feel which contributed to the series’ success (and which seems to have made them the most collectable of the cover albums today). Fashion historians can also deduce from Vol 23 that 1972 was the year Hot Pants really came into style (and yes women really did walk around in these!).
Volume 25 saw the proud boast of four million sales worldwide for the albums to date, with the discs now licensed abroad to Europe and beyond, adding to the UK total.
 This did mean that the cover images had to take into account attitudes to pin-up sleeves in countries more conservative than the UK and this batch of sleeves sees the models modestly clad, though the model on Vol 27 seems to be trying to push things a little further. We still don’t know if Hallmark were having the covers shot specially by this time, or whether they were relying on photo agencies for the images. The rival Hot Hits cover albums (available to view on the original easy on the eye site) credited the photographers but this never happened with TOTP, although some of the photographers have been identified and will be listed in the book. Click here to see the next ten sleeves.

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