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Elvis and Lynn

I was quite excited when I found this 10″ sleeve recently, though the excitement quickly diminished when I realised it lacked the Elvis Presley 78rpm record which it once housed – but what do you expect for 50p (it had … Continue reading

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Roxy Music tributes

There seems to be a growing trend to recreating the famous Roxy Music Country Life sleeve. Read about this on Roxy Music Girls and see a bunch of examples!

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Gramophone Record

Just in case you picked this up in the early 1920s and didn’t know what it was? A record sleeve so basic you wonder why they even bothered to print anything on it at all, the vintage equivalent of those … Continue reading

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Trans World graphic overload

Those Blaster Bates comedy albums which turn up regularly in charity shops don’t really hold much interest sleeve wise. But I did like this label variation which Chris Meloche turned up in a Canadian charity shop (they call them thrift … Continue reading

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