Mod Lang Records

Mod Lang Records Ludlow

The next best thing to a trip to a known record shop is stumbling across an unknown one. It doesn’t happen that often but a recent trip to the town of Ludlow produced a nice surprise in the form of Mod Lang Records.  Ludlow is quite often cited as a town which has successfully fought off the ravages of the supermarket onslaught and retained a thriving local independent shopping scene as a result. The facts are less clear cut on the ground, with at least two supermarkets close to the centre now clearly impacting on the town’s local shops. Despite that it does seem to have kept a higher percentage of shops than many similar sized towns and is an enjoyable place to potter around and explore because of this.

Mod Lang Records Ludlow

We parked up near the library (a really confusing place which boasts the local museum archives, but doesn’t allow the general public in to see them!), from where small medieval ginnels lead through to the main street. Off one of these we spotted the A-board for Mod Lang records and naturally ventured in to what looked like an unprepossessing old brick workshop. Climbing some rickety old steps, instead of the usual poorly laid out jumble sale approach, we found a nicely stocked and airy loft room packed with vinyl of all sorts.
Run by Paul Bradshaw, an ex-Virgin man who moved to California for 30 years (dealing in vinyl and running an indie label) before deciding to return to Blighty not long ago along with his large stock of vinyl. It is this which forms the basis of the goodies on sale.
Paul clearly understands the lure of vinyl so as well as the usually genres, he had plenty of ‘exotica’ on display (as well as paper items), and I couldn’t resist a few of the goodies (including the exotic love ritual album I covered here a while back). Sadly despite asking he couldn’t be parted from one or two of his in-store display pieces with which the room is nicely decorated. He also remembers the seating from the old Virgin shops and has installed comfy chairs for partners to lounge in!

Mod Lang Records Ludlow

We were there a while and several people came and went, so hopefully despite being a little off the beaten track, the shop will become part of the circuit.
You can find details of the location on his one page website, along with opening hours – which are fairly regular, but you are advised to call up front if you’re making a long journey. Paul also sells stuff on ebay and does record fairs.
The photographs here I took on the visit in 2013.

2 Responses to Mod Lang Records

  1. e.s. says:

    Really wonderful shop, and proprietor Paul Bradshaw is fantastic. In addition to all the great vinyl, Paul has a true gift for making people feel welcome, and his love of music is positively contagious. If you love vinyl and haven’t been to Mod Lang yet — check it out!

    • simon robinson says:

      Indeed; we had a long chat about the collapse of the record industry as we’ve both run small labels in the past!

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