Saucy Barbara Windsor

The Ojee label was an imprint of the Dutch record company Telgram, established at least by 1965 and still releasing smutty singles in badly printed sleeves towards the end of the 70s. It was the brainchild of Johnny Hoes, and set up specially to pedal sexy and saucy songs to the Dutch market by made up acts such as Leo & The Singing Males. The lyrics were heavy with double entendres and the singers were accompanied by cheesy accordion backings and the like. It’s the sort of adult record market which also existed in Germany and America, but never really took off in Britain – apart from a few iffy Rugby Song albums.

Every so often Hoes would collect up a dozen or so of these cheapo singles and shove them out on an LP of “unashamedly sex-sellers”. I picked this one up recently as I recognised (though the dealer hadn’t) that icon of British comedy classics Barbara Windsor on the sleeve, posing at the height of her Carry On film career in a beer barrel with fake cotton wool foam and a load of balloons. They’d already used a really poor version of the same publicity shot in black and white on a single (though those tracks are not on the album).

I’ve not been able to date it, but it must be circa mid-sixties – although with the type up the side it actually looks more contemporary. Dutch collectors say the singles clutter up the flea-markets of Holland, which is somehow appropriate!

the same image on an Ojee single

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