Sonora sleeve, Sweden

sonora records sweden 1940

I showed a Sonora label on ST33 some time ago (on the site here), but have recently found this original card 78 rpm sleeve for the label. One of the earliest Swedish record labels, begun in 1932, this particular Swing era single came out in 1940 (according to the National Library of Sweden) and the sleeve lettering and graphics are very evocative of the period.

sonora records sweden 1940

It also shows their own branded wind up record players (which appear to come with some free records) and needles all, like the discs, Swedish made and proud of it (the phrase under the centre circle translates as ‘Promote Swedish Industry’).  One thing which does puzzle me are the embossed circles and dots on one side of the sleeve which appear to have been done before printing, and sort of look like the surface of a turntable…  This may be a deliberate design feature, or possibly a result of the machinery used to shape and form the cardboard (the sleeve was printed in Gothenburg).

sonora records sweden 1940

The slogans “Giv arbete åt svenska arbetare” (Give labour to Swedish workers) and “Spela svenska schlager på Sonora, den svenska skivan” (play Swedish pop-songs from Sonora, the Swedish records) hint at the appeal to buy locally. Sonora was the first Swedish label to be able to press locally and survive, thanks in part to the depression which encouraged governments to impose import duties to stimulate local industry and lessen the impact of bigger Pan-European labels. Sonora lasted until 1958 when it was bought out by Philips from Holland.

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