Carnival Records, Great Malvern

Carnival Records Malvern If I knew Great Malvern for anything, it was as a safe haven from the rising flood waters back in 2007. We’d been en route to a wedding, got cut off and finally managed to get up into Malvern and find a hotel room to escape. So after that often terrifying journey, it was nice to go back in 2012 and have a proper look around in the dry. What was even better was to find a newly opened record shop, tucked away in a court-yard.
Carnival is one of those brave and all to rare start-ups. The owner had been trading on the web, all his stuff was in lock-ups in the town, and he took a chance on opening a shop figuring that there was a lot of tourist trade which would make it viable (the town’s theatre also punches well above it’s weight and brings a lot of visitors).
Stock was still being sorted out when I was there, but it was good to see some interesting odds and ends like Language Lesson albums and turntable speed markers kicking about, a sure sign of someone who enjoys not just the regular classic vinyl but the weirder side as well.  On top of the second hand racks, which covered singles, pic sleeves, 10″ and albums, the shop has a good stock of new vinyl (and other formats), special editions and box sets.  They can even do cakes and hot drinks.
Carnival Records Malvern We’ll be in the area again next week, so a return visit is on the cards.
Their web site – – is the only let down, utterly useless, so if you’re planning a trip I suggest you call first (mention where you saw this if you do!), though they seem to be open proper hours.
83 Church Street, Malvern, WR14 2AE – 07435 963894

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  1. John Greenwood says:

    Telephone number not working

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