Felt pen art

album inner sleeve decorated with band namesA real piece of social history, this decorated inner bag turned up not long ago inside one of my charity shop purchases. We all put our names on records as kids surely, I used to add discreet Letraset initials on the labels. But Tony here has seemingly spent most of his pocket money on those new fangled felt pens (try as I might I cannot find out when they were launched by Platignum, but I would guess around 1965) and really gone to town on this inner sleeve, combining the names of his favourite pop groups with a few hip sixties slogans, thoughts on his home town, girls, school and politicians. He’s even turned to his water colour paint box in places, and you can imagine him with a pile of 45s on the Dansette, doodling away after school.
I’m suggesting a date of 1968 from all the clues, the main ones being the names of Cupid’s Inspiration who came to pop fame in 1968, Baby Come Back being The Equals’ biggest hit that year, Love Sculpture having their one UK hit Sabre Dance in 1968 and the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang being released.
Along with the bands come the slogans; “Make Love Not War” and “Ban The Bomb” being ones I recall myself from school days. From there we have Tony’s clearly left wing leanings reflected in “Down with Enock Powell” (spelling aside a sentiment many agreed with) and some more personal reflections on the opposite sex (“”Girls are beaut”) and school (“Frog is crap” – who could argue with that?).
Tony is clearly very loyal to his home city, and “Sheffield For Ever” appears – twice, as does “Sheffield is fantastic”. Given that he is so partisan, it’s more than possible he’s still in the area. Drop us an email Tony!
album inner sleeve decorated with band names

4 Responses to Felt pen art

  1. wardleben says:

    This is great stuff, Simon. I shall clearly be wasting a lot of time digging dig into your blog!

  2. Boo says:

    Brilliant local social history… I found a copy of Symarip’s “Skinhead Moonstomp” LP in a charity shop a few years ago… Trojan first issue, rough but playable.. obviously partied to death when it was new.. The best bit is on the rear of the sleeve in blue ballpoint, in that timeless teenage girl bubbly handwriting, are written “Smallbridge Moonstomp” and “Belfield Boot Girls”. … The two places being rather downmarket bits of Rochdale. I bet the disc could tell some tales!
    Great blog. Cheers!

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