Destroying Vinyl

melting records

The ST33 Destroying Vinyl series now has four posts (well, one’s another page), so to save you hunting through the archives here are links to them all. The photo above is from a demonstration video on what happens to a pile of records if you leave them in the sun in 103 degree temperatures… (photo by Cassie Kohler, in St. Louis)

Vinyl notebooks – yes, hack them up and spiral bind them!
Fruit bowls – turn them into storage for your five a day rations!
Cake stands – nothing better to do with your life? Make a three tier cake stand out of them
Flooring – we’ve all heard of waterproof vinyl flooring, but this one is actually made out of actual records!

There is also a post about laser cutting through records posting shortly.  And we’ve not even touched on the idea of gluing wretched ‘vintage’ brass numbers to the circumference and making them into clocks…

beatles red album clock

1 Response to Destroying Vinyl

  1. mark talbot says:

    WoW! What a simply terrif’ idea, now I know what to do with all my 100’s of old shellac and vinyl!!!
    Will get ‘a-round’ to it when I can ‘make the time’ (LOOK, I’m trying, that’s all… very trying according to other people. Not sure if I should feel flattered or not…). Thank you. Mark.

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