Sheffield Record Shops – R – S

Rodgers. T.P
Rodgers’ (Music) Stores
25 Norfolk Market Hall
“Music seller” sleeve has rubber stamp giving address, later sleeve is printed. Sold mainly sheet music and records (as well as?). Norfolk Market Hall was also home to Gillibrands selling records. Market Hall demolished 1959.
Rodgers also listed at 34 Haymarket (in Sheffield & District Trades Directory 1927-28)

Rodgers Music Stores Sheffield Norfolk Market Hall

Russell & Russell Ltd
138 & 140 The Moor
“The Gramophone House” service – satisfaction.
Pianos (by the leading makers), gramophones, records. Premises destroyed in WW2

Russell + Russell Sheffield record shop

Sanderson Brothers.
518a London Road.
Instruments, records. Columbia Grafanolas (these were record players with internal horns) and radios. “Always every records in stock. Private audition rooms. Instruments sold for cash or on deferred terms.” Premises demolished 2013.

Sanderson Bros Heeley Sheffield

Savage. R.H.
93 Main Road (opp Lyric Picture House)
203 Attercliffe Common
“for Pianos, organs, gramophones, etc.”

Savage’s shop on Main Road must have been close to the Music Box (see separate entry). This side of the street has been redeveloped since (the Lyric Cinema has also gone). They also had a branch at 661 Staniforth Road with the same phone number (see second sleeve below), I do not know which came first.

Savage was listed in Whites Directory at 203 in 1905 and 1911. They were still listed at 203 in the 1959 and 1973 Kellys Directory. Most of this area was demolished in the late 1970s.

R H Savage Attercliffe Sheffield

for pianos, organs, gramophones, etc.

Scott. E
105 Infirmary Road
Another Electrical and mechanical engineer, also selling radios and cycles, who must have sold records for a while in the early 1920s. This area of Infirmary Road was demolished in the 1950s to make way for the Kelvin Flats.
See also Hobson & Allen, and Pownalls close by, who also sold records.

E Scott Infirmary Road sheffield record shop

Sheffield Phonograph Company
Pinstone Street
Listed as selling records in the Sheffield & District Trades Directory 1927-28, no sleeve found. Not to be confused with the Sheffield Phonograph Company indie record label operating in the city!

Sine Electrical
228-230 Fulwood Road, Broomhill.

sine electrics broomhill sheffield
Electrical Engineers. This was a standard white goods store serving the local suburb of Broomhill; fridges, radios, kettles, etc. They also sold a selection of albums and singles for a time. I bought some of my first singles there in 1970 as it was close to my school. The shop lasted into the 1980s but had stopped doing records by then. Research suggest the business began in 1946 in the original Victorian parade here; an early sixties photo shows Sine Electrical with a separate Record shop next door. Some time in the late sixties this block was demolished and replaced by the current parade of shops, and Sine moved into one of these. After they left this shop they operated from Ecclesall Road as a trade electricians, and finally closed in 2005.
Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott also bought his first album here, Rod Stewart’s Every Picture Tells A Story, in 1971. “I bought it from a shop in Sheffield called Sine Electrical. The shop was in Broomhill which was where I lived and it cost me £2.11. I loved Rod Stewart back then.”

Sine Electrical sheffield

Slater. C.H.
78 Leppings Lane
Radio and television dealers who also sold a few records in plain sleeves with a rubber stamp overprint for a while. There is still a Slater’s Aerials in Sheffield so they might be linked.

Slater & Co Leppings Lane sheffield

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