Top Of The Pops… what if?

I love ‘what ifs’, and one which often puzzles Top Of The Pops collectors has always been what if the series had continued? So just for a bit of holiday season fun, here are three covers spanning ten years across the end of the 1990s. Speculatively our designer has assumed that TOTPs would largely hold on to the original logo and title layout.
The July 1995 cover girl Samantha is wearing a fetching corset type slip, but five years later in July 2000 Nicole reflects the more liberal times, not to mention competition from the Ministry Of Sound covers, in a sheer dress. Finally come July 2005 Adriana harks back to the improvised outfits of some of the earlier models by covering her modesty with a sheet and fetching shoulder length evening gloves. Needless to say all of these editions were also pressed on vinyl. See our What If 1959 sleeve as well!

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3 Responses to Top Of The Pops… what if?

  1. Philip Shaw says:

    Hi. I love the idea that Top Of The Pops might have continued. I’ve been looking at the sleeve designs you’ve displayed. Could you not introduce a pause button for this feature, so that we can study them in comfort. The designs deserve a longer look than we can give them at present. Otherwise, great work. Thanks
    Regards, Philip Shaw

  2. Hubert Rawlinson says:

    Sorry chaps, this is a thinly disguised soft porn concept. I do hope it will be extended and as your earlier reader suggests, allow a pause/enhance so we can give them all the proper attention, with the mouse in the left hand, of course.

  3. Ian Byrne says:

    These are wonderful! I’d love to obtain covers of these songs and compile them for real!

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