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Another lookalike

You can hardly get a cigarette paper between these two sleeve designs by Talking Heads and Dennis Young despite the twenty year gap between the two releases. Sneaky copy or discreet homage?

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Rock record

A detailed look at the sleeve of Deep Purple In Rock, one of the best selling rock albums of 1970. A simple idea, but one which was instantly recognisable to generations of record shop browsers and remains so today.

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Polydor carrier

This smart little paper carrier bag came my way recently, and looks to be from the late fifties, judging by the style of the Polydor logo and the graphic of the two musicians in the corner, which can be seen … Continue reading

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James Taylor Overboard!

A striking sleeve based on a naval signal flag by The Beatles art director John Kosh.

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Mod Lang

Mod Lang Records, another vinyl outpost (in deepest Shropshire) well worth a visit! Review, details and contact information.

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