Top Of The Pops 31-40

Well kids, teenagers, Wombles, Mums and Dads, we’ve cracked it. Compare our sounds with the originals – you won’t be disappointed.

Another batch of releases taking us through to the tail end of 1974, with the albums starting to appear on 8 track tape and cassette as well (formats which are not so easy to find these days as they probably all got lost down the back of the Marina glove box). By Vol 40, total sales had reached an amazing six and a half million albums, half of those being sold in the last two years. Fashion wise a varied selection; some obviously dated shots (the cover of Vol 35 for example) coupled with up to the minute heart motif covered tops and denim shirts decorated with Boy Scout badges. And dig the Pickwick TOTP promotional t-shirt being displayed on Vol 37 to great effect! Click here to view the next ten.

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