Spinning Discs Sheffield


Time was when anyone interested in records in Sheffield would be directed to Record Collector and that would keep them happy for hours. Sadly this venerable old indie shop seems to be suffering from a lack of direction at the moment, and is not what it was; hopefully they can adapt to the changing fortunes of retail. In the meantime there is a new kid on the block, Spinning Discs. This was one of a veritable flood of small record shops which opened here a few years ago, all of which have fallen by the wayside once the owners realised how hard it was to sustain interest (so quickly I only got to visit them once!).


Spinning Discs has bucked that trend and from early days as a pop up it has now found a permanent base and is a really interesting shop, with a good stock of new and used vinyl, plus some CDs and other related odds and ends; t-shirts, music books, posters, etc. through two rooms. They also have an impressive vinyl cleaning machine which ensures their used stock is in lovely condition and for a couple of quid you can put your own records through it too. They also buy but only good condition records. Like the discs the place is nice, clean and tidy too!
I must confess I’d not checked the shop out sooner but as my vinyl friend Chris Meloche was over earlier last year, that gave us a good excuse to visit. The shop is only open a couple of days each week, so do check their site first, but it is well worth it. Being out in the suburbs (Meersbrook) helps keep costs down, so you will need to plan a trip. I used to live in a flat only a few doors up the road so know the area well.
I didn’t have my camera with me so Chris took the snaps for the site.

spinning disc sheffield 3.jpg