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Exotic love ritual

A fascinating cover painting from 1959 by one of the top sci-fi illustrators, printed on shiny silver foil. What’s not to get excited about? Check it out.

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Paintings done for album covers take many forms; here are three very different but interesting approaches to the brief.

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Ray Anthony

A fun illustration of that American institution the high-school hop, via Ray Anthony’s Campus Rumpus. I have also corrected the missing link on the Sonora sleeve post from a few weeks back.

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Guerrilla Marketing?

We’re used to stickers all over CD cases but this release by ‘singer’ Chris Brown was stickered up by activists in one record shop in the UK, suggesting buyers boycott his then latest album as he’d been sentenced for assaulting … Continue reading

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Cassette Day

Record Store Day I understand, this one I’m less certain about. Nevertheless it has inspired me to dig out some more vintage kit, so check out three more fab cassette players on the site.

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A really ‘of the time’ 78 rpm sleeve from the Swedish label Sonora, printed in 1940.

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