Top Of The Pops 61 – 70

Suddenly a blast of music shattered the calm. Yes you’ve guessed it, someone had started playing the latest Top Of The Pops album. A sure way of making any party swing…

The 60s again carried a variety of images, with American sportswear (61), strange chunky knit jumpers (62), a couple more outdoors shots and and a vaguely flamenco looking dancer (with the model hitching a long dress up). There was also a sub-Hot Hits sports themed photo of a lass with skiing gear – though she’d need to zip that top up to get the full benefit.  Finally we got the first of the baco-foil outfits on Vol 67 in the shape of silver hot pants and bomber jacket.
Despite this being the height of the punk movement, TOTPs refused to try an even vaguely safety-pinned cover, surmising that it might put the bulk of their target audience off.
The by now regular christmas themed cover appeared on Vol 70 (signalled by a white fur trimmed red satin cape and red one-piece swim suit). This LP also marked an important change to the series, with an increase in the track count from 12 to 16 to try and counter the increased competition from other budget labels which were now starting to use original recordings rather than covers. The fact was flagged up with a new logo in the top corner promising “16 Fabulous Tracks”, which would remain for the rest of the series.

Click here to see Volumes 71 – 80.

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2 Responses to Top Of The Pops 61 – 70

  1. Jim Kelleher says:

    Our family had #63! I was born in ’69. Having seen most of the cover girls on here I can reasonably say ours was way the most attractive! Thanks for the great website and for the memories you have generated!

    • simon robinson says:

      I did think of having a ‘vote for your favourite poll’ at some stage but feared it was going too far down the old seaside beauty pagent route! The rest of the sleeves will be posted here in the next couple of days.

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