Top Of The Pops 51 – 60

This fantastic six a side freak-out has been specially chosen to make you feel funky – to make you feel mellow – to give you all the right vibes!

The run from Volume 51 saw a sudden move towards more demure cover images for several covers, but regained momentum with a trio of outdoor beach side photographs which were the first non-studio cover girls to ever grace the series. 59 and 60 seem to have the same model (as do 53 and 55, and 52 and 54), and it is thought these location images were taken by noted jazz photographer David Redfern – well, we all have bills to pay! I visited his agency some years ago researching another cover job and mentioned these covers, and was shown a large box full of similar images. Sadly I never got back to go through them properly. Certainly Vol 58 is one of the most professional looking covers ever. Once again there is a nod to the inclement weather on the December release, which features a fur coat and knitted hat almost totally obscuring the lady beneath.
Note too the supermarket price sticker on Vol 54 – 29p an album or 4 for a £1.00! I must admit I tend to leave some of these original price stickers on the covers, as they are part and parcel of the history. Check the next ten sleeves here.

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1 Response to Top Of The Pops 51 – 60

  1. Bonirex says:

    ‘Pretty Vacant’ on Volume 60 – brilliant! Another reason to spend more time in charity shops then…

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