The Record Shop

Kings Lynn vinyl record shop
The Record Shop (what a great name to be able to grab!) in King’s Lynn’s St James Street is run by Tony Winfield and opened back in 1996. It’s not hard to spot his immediate battle; when did you last go to King’s Lynn? On the other hand, this interesting and very ancient port town does provide a northern route in to North Norfolk and lots of holiday destinations, which is how come I’ve visited the shop three times over the last few years. That plus still reasonable property prices in parts of the town enable people to keep the streets interesting.
And well worth a stop off it is. Apart from anything else, how many record shops do you visit which hint at half timbered building structures underneath the stucco rendering?
It’s a large retail space, mostly vinyl, all racked at a decent viewing height (just take a wedge out to free up the sections for easier flicking through!), and loads of categories as well as the usual impressive A-Z. Three figure rarities decorate the wall near the counter.
Tony is always up for a chat, and I always follow my rule and buy a few items. On this last visit late last year (down on business to meet one of our easy on the eye book contributors) I did discover some weirdo esoteric odds and ends in some of the bargain boxes under the racks which took my sleeve design fancy.
When to visit? I suggest you do ring ahead as Tony subscribes to the more relaxed attitude to opening and closing. As he says if he’d wanted a proper job he’d have gone looking for one elsewhere. So on the afternoon I was there by the time I’d had a cup of tea nearby and then wandered back to take a few snaps he’d already shut up and gone – which is why you only get the exterior for now! No web site either, just face to face shopping.
King’s Lynn council have handily pulled down buildings behind the shop for a carpark and there is also a good antique centre in the town and other stuff to see if your partner gets bored.

Address: 10 St James St, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE30 5DA
Phone:01553 691972

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