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The comfortable depths of your own armchair

  Two more vintage 78 shop sleeves from charity shop finds. It is to me remarkable that 100 years after these were first sold they are still sometimes turning up, and as these two were in almost mint condition I … Continue reading

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Vaughan Oliver

The death of Vaughan Oliver, one half of design partnership 23 Envelope, was announced over the Christmas holiday period.  For anyone interested in vinyl sleeve art, Oliver’s name would be impossible to ignore and it seems wrong to be losing … Continue reading

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Binn’s department store

I kind of assumed Binn’s department stores must have sold gramophone players and records at some time, but this is the first 78 rpm bag featuring their name I have found. In fact the shop had three slightly different ones … Continue reading

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For War Office Use

I’m a sucker for home made record sleeves as people who’ve followed postings here will know. Here’s another which turned up the other day; a resourceful make do and mender in the fifties discovered that a strong envelope was just … Continue reading

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Native to Sheffield

Three local bands having a go on 7″ in the mid eighties; the sleeves are detailed here.

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Our first half dozen or so of those great record company bag designs.

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Richard Hawley story

A little known early 12″ single featuring Richard Hawley, with a sleeve co-ordinated by ST33 back in 1992. Read more on the site.

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Olympic record sleeve

With the Olympics just over, here’s a sleeve produced for a cancelled games over 70 years ago…

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Sleeves remixed

Visually amazing sleeves produced by artist Ashwan from discarded 7″ singles, part of a project looking at discarded records. Check out a display of the sleeves and read more about it, with links to a free download of music put … Continue reading

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Changing the back-drop

A detailed look at two early 70s sleeve illustrations by artist and writer Ian Beck, who did two album covers; one by Jonathan Kelly and the other for the slightly better known Elton John.

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