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Music Captain, please…

It’s a good while since I went anywhere by plane, I much prefer the fun of the TGV, but even when I have flown I don’t recall being given anything as fab as this souvenir record. It was pressed to … Continue reading

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Dusty vinyl

After that shot of Kate Beckinsale posing with a record deck I figured I needed to show a real singer, so here’s a brilliant shot I spotted the other day of Dusty Springfield with her 1960s iPod Touch. It looks … Continue reading

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Ready for stereo?

Back in 1968 when this advert appeared in Melody Maker, stereo was still a pricey upgrade for most pop music fans, and many were playing records on older mono record players even though the stereo format had been around for … Continue reading

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See-through record player?

I came across these amazing images, developed by Barcelona-based artist Max de Esteban. They are photographs of everyday objects which he carefully takes apart, paints all the components white, and then rebuilds while photographing each stage of the reassembly. The … Continue reading

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