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Lego Record Store Day 2018

Lego has been part of my life for over many years, thanks to a forward looking Grandmother who bought me one of the very early sets, and it is heartening to see how the brand has weathered the vagaries of … Continue reading

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Taiwan In Rock

I’ve been getting a book devoted to the Deep Purple In Rock album back into print for the publishers. There is plenty about the cover art in there but tidying the files away I thought this curious Taiwanese version of … Continue reading

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metal threesome

A contrasting trio of covers for heavy metal collections circa 1980, from the sublime to the ridiculous perhaps!  It’s a music genre that threw up many real horrors cover wise but occasionally they aspired to something greater as one of … Continue reading

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metal collections

Three glossy art director driven photo shoots decorated these Deep Purple compilations, showing that budget spend even on reissue albums was rarely stinted!

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Rock record

A detailed look at the sleeve of Deep Purple In Rock, one of the best selling rock albums of 1970. A simple idea, but one which was instantly recognisable to generations of record shop browsers and remains so today.

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