7″ Single Bags • 5

Harvest Records 7" bag

Three generic seven inch singles bags here which all relate to the group Deep Purple. The band were signed to EMI, who quickly moved them to their underground label Harvest when this was set up in 1969 (their first couple of singles came out on Parlophone). The Harvest label and bag design was by Roger Dean, who went on to make his name working with Yes not long after.

Purple Records single

The group moved to their own Purple Records label in 1972 (though manufactured and distributed by EMI as before). The Purple label and bag were quite well designed, a simple enough idea but nicely executed (I don’t know who came up with the logo).  Deep Purple stayed on this label until they split in 1976.

Tetragrammaton record sleeve

Fans of the group are probably also familiar with the American label Tetragrammaton, which signed the band over there. Tetragrammaton had a hit with the band’s first single, and did a lot of follow ups which came over into the UK later as imports. Although launched in 1968 the label design does have a slightly older feel, but this might be as much to do with the very cheap print quality and out of register colours as the actual graphics. The label folded at the end of 1969.

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