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The swimsuit issue…

Over a dozen album sleeves featuring swimsuits through the ages – well, late 1950s to late 1970s anyhow – in a new gallery.

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DIY sleeve decoration

We all used to write out names of favourite bands on bags, jackets, desk tops and school exercise books. Tony decorated an entire inner sleeve. See the results on the site.

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Last Shop Standing documentary out

The film Last Shop Standing based on the best selling book about indie record shops is screening now. ST33 review here.

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The Moor sleeve display update

More pictures of the finished sleeve display in Sheffield can be seen here along with some reaction from t’locals. The original news post about the display is further down this page here.

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edible records?

A sort of Easter themed collection! Chocolate, liquorice, and bubble gum pressings

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David Hockney’s tree have nothing on this vintage budget album!

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I suppose it was inevitable that we would want to get onto the subject of privately pressed albums sooner or later as their covers are a source of never ending fascination to some. Here are four from the ST33 collection … Continue reading

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Christmas cover

A rather smart Christmas sleeve from the seventies, courtesy of Polydor (and James Last). Click for details.

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Jumbo in Leeds

Another survivor well worth a visit!

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Limited edition prints

Limited edition prints inspired by vintage vinyl.

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