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I’ve been sorting through more rock flyers lately, and turned these two up (along with a few duplicate copies which I might as well put up on ebay!). I think like many it was Shot By Both Sides, their single off the album, which got me into Magazine. I’d been aware of The Buzzcocks, not least as I was at college in Manchester at the time, but the harder edge of Magazine worked better for me.
Their first album Real Life on Virgin Records was promoted on this A4 promotional flyer which had details of their big July 1978 UK tour on the reverse, and quotes from reviews about the album. Nice to be reminded of some of the mainstay rock venues of the time too. I went to The Top Rank in Sheffield a few times; it was a dodgy disco venue but also put live bands on.

Virgin did the same sort of promo flyer for the follow up Secondhand Daylight, issued in March 1979. Again on the reverse side the band’s April UK tour dates with guests Simple Minds were featured, with box office phone numbers. How quaint this idea now seems in view of the mad scramble to get tickets for anything on the internet (and last year I had the first instance of not being able to book for an event as my iPhone was deemed not sufficiently new enough to allow them to download the “ticket” to, and there was no other option! Well the person on the phone suggested I borrow a newer phone from someone else and bring that to the event with me…)
Strangely the typography on the flyer does not match that on the album cover by designer Malcolm Garrett and seems to have been copied out by hand to try and match it. But it does look good with the striking band photograph off the album inner sleeve, and the nice pale green background. Quite thin paper and cheaply printed, which adds to the sort of punky look to it all.
This second album was actually given a bit of a lukewarm reception in the music press, I don’t know why, it’s still my favourite. Looking through the actual dates I note I have been to gigs at six of the venues listed this time. Look at the ticket prices too.

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Having worked as a graphic designer in the music industry, mainly in the reissue sector, I now concentrate on the design and publication of books about popular culture - and even write some of them.
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