Kyiv Calling

If you need to be told where this cover idea first appeared then you are probably reading the wrong blog! But for youngsters, it’s copied from a Clash single who copied it from an Elvis Presley record. What goes around comes around. Just a shame Putin hasn’t got the brains to realise that.

It’s not a proper record, rather an online digital video thingie. But then it might be a tad difficult to produce a limited edition vinyl single from a basement in Ukraine at the moment. The band, Beton, have put this out to try and aid the resistance and if media coverage is anything to go by then they are off to a good start. The Clash have also given it their support, you’ll not be surprised to hear. Be good if a label in Europe can do the vinyl honours.

Most music videos are disposable nonsense, but this is real world stuff and all the more amazing they could put it together under such circumstances.

I’m hopeless with social media but here are the various links I have found.

Donate here: soundrecording – africa.records –… video recording and editing – Alexander Kulyk – sound editing and mastering – Skyborn Waves – Beton is here:

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