RK Record Club

RK Record Club EP.jpg

Another dance EP, but this one issued through the Rice Krispies Record Club based in the UK. Kellogg have had a few attempts over the years the associate their breakfast product with pop music, including flex discs moulded on to the box on one occasion (and famously having The Rolling Stones cut an early jingle for them), but this is one of the earliest.

Rice Krisp[ies club label.jpg

Given the very clean design and hand drawn record title, I had it down as a Sixties release but the offer dates to 1959. You joined the club using a form on the packet, but how you obtained the discs is not documented. It’s likely to have involved collecting packet tops and a postal order!  But I do like the generic sleeve design, with a grooving couple set over stylised instruments. Each one had a different colourway and I found a few more on the web.


Rice Krispies record club red.jpg

Rice Krispies record club blue.jpg

The records were specially produced by Rainbow Records, but this was probably a licensing operation. I think they got as far as six releases, which all featured cover versions of chart hits, before abandoning the club.  Vintage cereal packets are very difficult to find for obviously reasons (how many have you not thrown away?) and I couldn’t even spot this one on the web, but the packet design below is from around the right era (albeit American rather than British).  Needless to say anyone with more info please get in touch.

Rice Krispies old box 60s.jpg


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1 Response to RK Record Club

  1. Tony Pankhurst says:


    Just read, with interest, your post about the RK Record Club EPs – I picked up three in a collection purchased recently!!

    Just wondered if you ever tracked down any information on any of the artists – The Good Boys, Bobby Banks, Dick Reynolds, etc., etc?

    Thanks for the post!!!

    Tony Pankhurst

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