At The Palace

The Palace Theatre in Manchester was one of the many rock venues available to me as a student there, but tended not to have as many groups as The Free Trade Hall. However if a band needed a deeper bigger stage, then it was the best option. I saw Genesis there doing Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. So when Yes were touring their elaborate Relayer show in 1975 it was about the only venue in the city which could take their set, with large fibreglass installations designed by Roger Dean. I was lucky enough to see the show, which was the first with new keyboard player Patrick Moraz. I also managed to get my 135mm lens in to take some shots from the stalls, including this one of Howe and Moraz.  Yes are not everyone’s cup of tea being too proggy for some but I really enjoy their work up to this era.  The photo and a few more will appear in a new book of dedicated interviews by journalist and broadcaster Jon Kirkman, The Yes Interviews, published early in 2019 (by Easy On The Eye books).  Having been sat in my archive for so long it’s nice to see them in print!


About simon robinson

Having worked as a graphic designer in the music industry, mainly in the reissue sector, I now concentrate on the design and publication of books about popular culture - and even write some of them.
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2 Responses to At The Palace

  1. I once had a huge 3D record store display version of the Relayer album cover. I’m sure it’s something you’d have enjoyed. I remember the crazy stage sets that Yes used to create. I never got to see them live although had some older friends (back then) who did and it was a very memorable night out. In the days before digitally controlled fancy lighting rigs and all the current technology they really made an effort to put on a show 🙂

  2. simon robinson says:

    Those in-store displays are very collectable now! It’s amazing to think how much money labels spent on promotional material like that when you look back. I think Roger Dean designed to set for this particular tour out of fibre glass, giant insect with wings which opened up. I do wonder if there is a giant warehouse somewhere with all this stuff in. I hope so.

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