Theme tune from…

Robert Vaughan Man From Uncle theme

I’ve babbled about the passing of Robert Vaughan on pop culture site Easy On The Eye, but The Man From Uncle, which was required viewing as a young kid, was not only great to watch, but the music by Hugo Montenegro fitted the slick look of the action so well. And in America as the show became so popular they went with a whole soundtrack album on RCA Records, packaged with a great shot of the show’s two heroes pondering a femme fatale, all plunging neckline and silver cigarette holders. The album sold so well that a second volume quickly followed, the cover looking like it was photographed on the movie lot, with the actors posing in a vintage car dealer’s nightmare shot of a trashed MG. These LPs were far too sophisticated for me as a young fan of the TV show, but proved impossible to resist in second-hand form years later (happily before their values began to escalate.)

Robert Vaughan Man From Uncle theme

There was also an album from the spin off show Girl From Uncle. And the show clearly exported right round the world as these rare spin off singles I found on the web show. I do have a Japanese pic sleeve myself (the b-side is by The Clee Shays!), but it is different to these. It looks like several beat groups there must have covered the theme music.

Robert Vaughan Man From Uncle theme

man_from_uncle_mgm61168man_from_uncle_top1001man_from_uncle_victor_scp1259man_uncle_5376Robert Vaughan Man From Uncle theme

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  1. The Clee Shays might be the best band name ever. (Other than my cover band, Cheep Nok Offs).

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