Trevor Kelly IS Elvis

Trevor-Kelly, Belfast
With the opening of the Elvis Presley exhibition at the O2 Arena, I figured here’s one album which might have escaped the curator’s attention!  It’s another privately pressed album, this time by Trevor Kelly, “architect and entertainer”.  Resident compare at the Belfast Abercorn Club, he did an Elvis turn which according to the sleeve note had “all age groups drooling over him”…  This album was made to sell at the club, so that “all you ladies have a chance to take him home!”  The notes were penned by none other than Gloria Hunniford, who first saw Trevor “wooing hundreds of women in Belfast.”
The album was actually recorded in Manchester, and released in 1979 on MPA Records (MP071). Trev doesn’t actually look much like Elvis facially (or tonsorially) – more like Russ Abbott in fact – but clearly has gone to a lot of trouble with the jump suit and the cover photograph, which (while uncredited) is a lot more professional than many of the genre. Starburst filters rule!
There is a new fourth page of private pressing sleeves on the site, covers which seem to attract a sort of strange fascination amongst many record collectors.

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Having worked as a graphic designer in the music industry, mainly in the reissue sector, I now concentrate on the design and publication of books about popular culture - and even write some of them.
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2 Responses to Trevor Kelly IS Elvis

  1. Harry Baker says:

    I hope Trevor sees this.
    I remember you so well Trevor. Not only for the very enjoyable Saturday afternoons in the Aberocrn but Wednesday nights in the Astor ballroom where you would be dancing with your girlfriend at that time. What was her name? She was lovely. I have such happy memories of that lovely era in Belfast. The Queen’s bar Saturday lunchtime followed by Abercorn for the afternoon then maybe Romanos or even a trip to Bangor to Capronis or Milanos. I met many lovely people in the Abercorn apart from Arnie Knowles . Helen Shapiro. Joseph Locke. Roy Walker to name but a few. Thanks for the memories.

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