W H Curtis delivery van

W H Curtis SheffieldWe have covered the Sheffield record retailer W H Curtis on the site in the past.  I was impressed to hear about a surviving van from the shop recently.  It seems as if the shop purchased a Mini van for deliveries around 1971, and had it decorated in a fetching two tone grey and red.  It was signpainted with the store name and other details. About a year on, their delivery driver crashed it.  The damaged vehicle was purchased by another shop-keeper, who had it repaired and repainted green to use for his chemist shop in Sheffield. But for some reason it never actually got used on the road, and sat in a garage for 42 years. Recently the vehicle was purchased by Tom Sanderson, who has put it through a total overhaul.  So, how do we know it once delivered for Curtis?  Because the original doors were quite badly damaged, and had to be replaced, but the owner kept the originals as spares.  So they have survived to show the original paint scheme. Tom sent me pics of the doors in place, before they were replaced by the restored ones.  It would of course be amazing to see it done up in the original W H Curtis paint scheme.  I wonder if any workers for the firm have snaps of themselves with the van?  Do get in touch if so.  My thanks to Tom for the story and pics. Curtis are also covered in our extensive A-Z of Sheffield record shops past and present.

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Having worked as a graphic designer in the music industry, mainly in the reissue sector, I now concentrate on the design and publication of books about popular culture - and even write some of them.
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2 Responses to W H Curtis delivery van

  1. Rob H says:

    Hi I have just been sorting some old records and came across a Curtis Recording Studio LP by someone called Tommy and Jackie singing Toolei oolie doolie on a Talent Lable
    Could you shed any light on this or is it just a public recording
    Thanks Rob H

    • simon robinson says:

      Curtis had a service where people could record a one off disc in their own little studio and take it away as a one-off direct cut record. I have one myself. I don’t know if they offered a proper pressing service for small runs or not.

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