White sleeves

Apologies for lack of updates for a few weeks; the LCD display on my DSLR went and it’s taken me some time to source a replacement part (the makers all want you to return to base) and find out how to fit it. All working again! Time to test it out on these two recent finds.
For many people there is only one white sleeve design, but every so often other foolhardy designers have a go.  Lacking laminate, many get quickly damaged and marked, but here are two that have been looked after and which work for me.

Hospital Records / 12″
Hospital Records 12" white sleeve
Formed in 1996, Hospital (which began as a drum and bass outlet but then branched out) seem to have used this generic sleeve for a number of their non – printed single releases.  The basic white cover, which is reversed so the rough side faces out, has the label’s logo pre-cut into the card, ready to be punched out and show the label design through. Happily whoever owned this example resisted the temptation!  Design credits not known (I did ask, they didn’t answer). Label still going strong.

Fat Cat Records / 12″
Fatcat Records 12" white sleeve
While there are some interesting sleeves on this label’s website, they seem to leave their history to the uncertain realms of wikipedia for some reason. Formed in 1989 and still active (with connections to One Little Indian).
While it’s always nice to have a sleeve, sometimes the economics or lack of time rule it out, so here the label has gone for the minimalist approach, and just rubber stamped the basic disc information on the (again reverse surface card) sleeve. This particular release is from 1997. There is some sort of irony in the design, as it goes right back to the 1920s when many shops bought blank 78 rpm sleeves and over stamped them with their shop name to save money.

About simon robinson

Having worked as a graphic designer in the music industry, mainly in the reissue sector, I now concentrate on the design and publication of books about popular culture - and even write some of them.
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