Destroying Vinyl 5

vinyl thrown away in warehouseI like to keep this blog mostly original content but every so often something unique turns up somewhere else which I cannot resist. This abandoned vinyl warehouse was somewhere in France. Once a storage depot for stock (multiples of some titles can be seen, while the card boxes are the ones used to ship vinyl around in), perhaps owned by a distributor, for some reason the business ended. Maybe the shelves were sold off, I don’t know, but over time record collectors got in to rummage through the stock. By the end the whole warehouse floor was just one mass of abandoned vinyl. At first I assumed it was all recent titles, but a closer examination shows French singles from the seventies amongst the carnage (I spotted a Deep Purple single from 1974 which is actually a very collectable release). Yet the building itself isn’t that old, so there must be more to the story than first meets the eye.
vinyl thrown away in warehouseI’ve rummaged through more abandoned buildings in my home city than is probably healthy and am used to finding all sorts of weird stuff left behind when firms just cease over night (a pile of Elvis radios springs to mind!), but this is something else. I can well imagine the atmosphere inside this warehouse, while the images just evoke a mixture of amazement and sheer frustration at the waste of resources.
The owner sold the site for redevelopment and washed his hands of it. The building was bulldozed a few weeks after these photographs were taken in September 2010. The photographer, Frédéric Thiphagne, was only allowed to take them on the understanding that he didn’t reveal the exact location.
vinyl thrown away in warehouseMy thanks to Frédéric for letting me show a couple of the shots here; if you want to see the full gallery visit Frédéric’s blog, which delves into obscure world music but with lots of visual interest from sleeve scans and also visits to other collector’s houses and shops. Well worth a look.
Click on the link for earlier posts in the Destroying Vinyl series.
Thanks to Frédéric Thiphagne, to The Vinyl Factory who first flagged the pictures up, and Nick Robinson for bringing them to my attention.

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Having worked as a graphic designer in the music industry, mainly in the reissue sector, I now concentrate on the design and publication of books about popular culture - and even write some of them.
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